Risk Assurance & Advisory

As technology continues to evolve and data remains center stage in the business world, protecting your company and its data is key. While risk cannot be avoided, it can be managed — making risk management initiatives integral to meeting your strategic goals.
We’ve assembled a highly skilled team to help you assess your risk and better understand both barriers and opportunities to managing it. Our team has backgrounds ranging from traditional accounting and auditing experience, to information technology and cybersecurity. We offer practical solutions that support, rather than hinder, your daily operations and help you address your cybersecurity, privacy, SOC compliance concerns and more.
We offer six main services related to risk management.

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

We can help you develop a top-down approach and process to identify and assess your organization’s risks, as well as related policies, procedures, controls and systems. We can also help implement and support your internal audit department.

Fraud Risk Assessment

A continuous risk assessment is one of the best ways to deter fraud. Our team can help you identify vulnerabilities and prevent and detect fraud on an ongoing basis.

IT Risk Advisory

Our IT risk assessment services can help you identify threats to your data and systems, detect vulnerabilities to IT assets and assess the potential impact of a risk coming to fruition. Our IT advisory team can help you design, implement and accelerate your IT risk and compliance programs.

Cybersecurity Risk Advisory

We can assess your systems for adequate security and help protect you from cybercriminals. Our professionals can support both small scale initial assessments and larger cybersecurity framework implementations.
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Third Party Risk Services

Our team has the tools and experience to assess vulnerabilities in your third-party relationships by performing vendor selection, due diligence and monitoring services, and contract compliance services.

SOC 1, 2, 3 and SOC for Cybersecurity Assurance Services

Our team provides deep expertise and experience in System and Organization Controls (SOC) assurance services to help you demonstrate a strong control environment to customers.
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