Transaction Tax Planning

The evolving tax landscape, the economy and a host of other factors are continually impacting the deal market. Whether you are considering a sale, acquisition, merger or restructuring, having tax experts who specialize in the area of transactions is critical to the success of your deal. Our transaction tax team will look at the entirety of your situation, including strategizing with you to understand and minimize the federal and state tax impact to your business and personal goals.
Our specialists are experienced in advising business owners, as well as private equity firms, their funds and portfolio companies, on deals ranging in value up to $600 million, with a cumulative transaction value of more than $1 billion. In particular, our team is intimately familiar with the impact of key legislation and developments on the deal market — such as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, CARES Act and the landmark Wayfair case transforming due diligence related to sales and use tax. From enhanced bonus depreciation and international provisions, to net operating losses and interest expense deductions, we are immersed in the tax law that impacts your deal. Additionally, we have dedicated resources within our firm focused on state and local tax, management consulting and business valuations.


  • Tax return preparation, compliance and Schedule K-1s
  • Transaction tax structure optimization for funds and transactions
  • Internal restructuring, including tax-free mergers, spin-offs and other reorganizations
  • Tax due diligence
  • Post-transaction tax integration
  • Identification of tax credits and incentives
  • Preservation and profiling of tax attributes, such as earnings and profits, stock basis and Section 382 ownership studies
  • Consolidated return issues
  • Review of waterfall calculations
  • Transaction cost analyses
  • Special-purpose vehicles