What Registered Funds Need to Know About Investing in Digital Assets– March 04, 2021 by Corey McLaughlin

As registered funds show increased interest in the digital asset market — whether they are looking to create a new ETF product or simply to gain more exposure to this asset class — a foundational understanding of this evolving space will be critical before moving forward with any type of strategy.

Rob Velotta joined me recently in presenting the basics of what registered funds need to know in a webinar we recorded for the Mutual Fund Directors Forum. Our discussion will take you through:

  • What is bitcoin and block chain?
  • The basics of stablecoins
  • Ways to invest
  • Operational and accounting issues
  • Tax treatment of digital assets, including RIC qualification considerations

Don’t miss this on-demand event. Watch the 30-minute video now.

Download the Presentation


For more information, contact Corey McLaughlin at corey.mclaughlin@cohencpa.com, Rob Velotta at rvelotta@cohencpa.com or a member of your service team.

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