Ownership Succession

Your business is likely one of your largest financial assets, and deciding the best method for ultimately monetizing your investment is a critical process. But making this decision is also very personal and comes with many questions and options, both financial and non-financial. Our advisors help you think through the myriad of considerations that require careful planning and diligence for years prior to a potential transaction.
Well versed in transaction services, corporate finance and wealth management, our team works with business owners to successfully transition to the next phase. We help you:

  1. Work within your overall financial plan to understand how you define financial success and identify what you need to be financially independent;

  2. Strategize on how to improve cash flow and valuation metrics of your business; and

  3. Create a plan to find and nurture your successor, whether a current employee, family member or third party.

Our team will also be there to help you regularly review your plan in light of changing goals and objectives, financial status, and current or projected economic conditions.