Estate & Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is much more than transferring wealth upon death. We approach estate planning as the all-inclusive process it is, helping you plan for retirement years as well as for asset distribution during life and upon death, charitable giving, and all the accompanying tax implications and opportunities.
Our team — which includes Accredited Estate Planners® committed to working with a client’s entire estate-planning team — works with business owners, and high-net-worth individuals and families ranging from $10 million to $1 billion in net worth. Our process begins with an open discussion regarding your goals. We look at how you want to dispose of assets during your life and beyond, and how that will impact your lifestyle during retirement and your overall gross estate. We also collaborate with you and your advisory team to work through critical issues such as control over family assets, the perpetuation of the family business, and how the disposition of assets may affect family relationships. For the charitably inclined, we discuss concerns about how to incorporate contribution of funds and outright gifts to charities.

Areas of Opportunity

Below are some of the ways we assist business owners and individuals: 

  • Evaluation of will and trust documents
  • Calculation of projected estate tax
  • Evaluation and recommendation of estate-reduction techniques
  • Formulation of gifting strategies
  • Charitable giving strategies and structure