Turnaround and Restructuring

Our experienced turnaround and restructuring team can help instill confidence in stakeholders that your management team is proactive about and committed to making a positive change during a difficult time. With significant experience working for Big 4 and other national firms, we advise debtors, secured and unsecured creditors, examiners, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 trustees, and serve as financial advisers to chief restructuring officers and business owners.


We will help you not only identify a thoughtful strategy to stabilize the business, but also implement the strategy and position you for success moving forward.

Restructuring & Turnaround Advisory Services

  • Conduct current state assessment, identifying opportunities to retain value through new processes and/or solutions
  • Develop cash flow forecasting tools for internal and external reporting
  • Create restructuring roadmap to enable transformation

Debtor Advisory Services

  • Assist with compliance of external reporting requirements, including specific bankruptcy reports and related disclosures
  • Assist with liquidity reporting requirements, including reporting to lending institutions and/or other parties of interest
  • Conduct ad hoc analysis, including various financial and tax analyses

Creditor Advisory Services
Secured Lender

  • Advise on risks and opportunities of a company's business plan and restructuring alternatives to facilitate informed decisions
  • Use cash management models to calculate current cash position and length to support current operations; assess borrowing needs in real time
  • Use liquidity dashboard to track liquidity ratios, key assets and weekly cash needs to fund operations in a single location

Unsecured Creditor

  • Serve as the financial adviser to unsecured creditor committee to facilitate negotiations between the debtor and other parties of interest
  • Assist in recovery of assets, including identification and recovery of assets to be distributed to the estate
  • Conduct liquidity monitoring including assisting in assessing the ongoing cash needs of the debtor
  • Involved in negotiation, driving the best possible return for constituents

Receivership Services

  • Control the business temporarily to generate value from the assets of the business to pay creditors what is owed
  • Oversee the liquidation of assets and receipt of payments to distribute the proceeds to the priorities established by law
  • Serve on behalf of secured creditor that appoints us, or as an officer of the court, serving all creditors due to the court order
  • Provide transparent reports to all creditors on actions taken

Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) Services

  • A senior professional, experienced with building and managing a clear turnaround plan
  • Develop thorough cash flow models to navigate business through a crisis
  • Lead restructuring arrangements with senior lenders
  • Provide guidance on transactions, carve-outs or acquisitions
  • Assist implementation of cost takeout and restructuring models
  • Identify outside capital sources as needed
  • Prepare for Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing