Cybersecurity Risk Advisory

By far, one of the most pressing and challenging risks in running a business today is the threat of a cybersecurity attack — compromising your operations, your clients and your reputation.

In our continuously evolving virtual environment, the stakes only get higher. Today’s cyber environment can be extremely intimidating, with a variety of attacks to watch out for. And the increasing number of employees working from home offers cyber criminals even more opportunities to take advantage of unsecure systems and processes.

This page provides a collection of Cohen & Company resources to help you better understand processes and controls needed to detect, respond to, mitigate and recover from a security incident in today’s heightened risk environment.

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Learn how we can help with your company’s cybersecurity efforts

  • Small Scale Cybersecurity Controls Assessments
    • Proprietary cybersecurity assessment based on Center for Internet Security controls framework
    • Can be performed as light touch or deep dive assessment, with deep dive including a larger number of controls and higher percentage of controls validated through examination/observation
    • Results in a cybersecurity assessment report with risk scores, recommendations and entity’s performance against benchmarks
  • Large Scale Cybersecurity Program Maturity Assessment
    • Detail assessment of cybersecurity program based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for cybersecurity framework
    • Results in a report with performance risk scores, maturity assessment by implementation tier and recommendations to achieve desired target state
  • Cybersecurity Framework Implementations

Reach out to a member of your service team or one of the contacts on this page to discuss your company’s cybersecurity needs.