Investment Company Audits

Our assurance team serving investment companies is 100% focused on the industry. A unique and complex industry, we are passionate about working with mutual funds, including closed-end interval funds and master limited partnership funds; exchange-traded funds; hedge funds and alternative investment funds; private equity funds; collective investment trusts; investment advisers and service providers across the U.S. We help newly seeded funds to well-established, multiple-fund families remain compliant but also to thrive — with each client receiving a customized, focused audit approach; a holistic advisory mindset; and energy and personal commitment.
As a result of our specialization in both registered and alternative investment funds, we are the 5th largest provider of audit services to registered funds in the country (Audit Analytics), and the 10th largest auditor of hedge funds in the U.S. We work with some of the largest institutional investment managers in the country. Our work makes us one of only 11 firms in the country with more than 100 public company clients, all investment clients. And while a number of our professionals come from Big 4 backgrounds, all of our associates are trained to conduct national firm-caliber work. As a result of our highly regarded expertise, members of our firm serve or have served on numerous prominent industry boards and committees, such as the AICPA’s Auditing Standards Board, Board of Directors, Investment Companies Expert Panel and Digital Asset Working Group; and various industry committees, regional hedge fund associations and SEC working groups.

Audit Client Profiles

  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Alternative Investment Funds
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital Funds
  • Collective Investment Trusts
  • Closed-End/Interval Funds
  • Real Estate Funds
  • Digital Assets
  • Fund Service Providers
  • MLP Funds
  • Business Development Companies (BDCs)
  • Registered Investment Advisers