Will Coleman

Will Coleman Director, Technology Services

Always on top of the latest technology trends in relation to the investment industry, particularly in the cryptocurrency space, Will communicates openly with clients — whether it relates to trends on the horizon or issues with their immediate situation. They appreciate that Will always offers an honest, upfront opinion and develops lasting relationships.

Location: Baltimore Email: will.coleman@cohencpa.com Phone: 410.527.3951

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Will serves as a technology consultant to clients on issues ranging from information technology security and controls, to big data and artificial intelligence, to cryptocurrency funds. He leads the team that designs customized systems for clients, including producing investment portfolio statements, creating Schedule K-1 packages and checking transactions for conflicts of interest to support Section 206(3) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. In the cryptocurrency space, Will has been instrumental in helping the firm design and implement programs to audit and support these specific funds. He also works with cryptocurrency managers and their service providers to help ensure their operations are set up properly from a technology and controls perspective.

  • Presenter to advisers, institutional investors and family offices on topics including operational issues for cryptocurrency hedge funds, big data, artificial intelligence and data privacy
Will has always had a thirst for knowledge — from taking college-level courses at a very young age, to studying electrical engineering after high school to later studying cryptography during his time in the military. Will’s pastimes are just as diverse, including participating in Medieval reenactments near his home in Felton, Pennsylvania.