Optimizing Cash Flow and Liquidity

Each of us is currently confronted by an unprecedented disruption to our business. As you look to take action and navigate through this massive risk, we want to help you identify where to begin.

An important starting point is to understand your cash position at the most granular level. To assist with that, Cohen & Company has created two new tools: a pro forma cash flow modeling tool and a liquidity dashboard to help analyze your current position.

Liquidity Dashboard

Use this Power BI Dashboard to analyze your current position and ensure you have real-time visibility into critical metrics and KPIs. This dashboard is designed to help you answer fundamental liquidity questions including:

  • How much liquidity do we have available today?
  • What do our key liquidity ratios look like and how much liquidity risk do we have today?
  • What are the key assets that could quickly become liquid?
  • What are our daily/weekly cash needs to fund operations?
  • Where are there opportunities to decrease cash needs to provide additional buffer?

Liquidity Dashboard Sample

liquidity_dashboard_1_small.jpg liquidity_dashboard_2_small.jpg

Download instructions for the Liquidity Dashboard.

To set up your complimentary Liquidity Dashboard, email Mary Washburn.

Cash Management Model

Use this 13-week Excel-based cash flow model to stress test different scenarios. This model can provide vital information to help better plan for the future and is designed to help you answer fundamental cash flow questions including:

  • What is our current cash position and how long will it support our current operations?
  • Will / when will we need injections of liquidity to meet current demands?
  • What are the levers we can impact to better manage cash and prolong the duration it can support current operations?
  • How do we get through the near term challenges while not handicapping ourselves when economic headwinds shift?
  • How do we minimize impact of potential structural changes and ensure the value realized from those changes are sustainable?


Cash Management Model Sample

cash_flow_1.jpg cash_flow_2.jpg

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to use the Cash Management Model.

To receive your complimentary copy of our Cash Management Model in Excel, email Mary Washburn.