Taxonomics is a full-color magazine produced for, and in conjunction with, our private company clients. The unique and engaging publication provides readers with real-world stories of how business owners and entrepreneurs have dealt with both challenges and success — to which others can truly relate. You’ll also note a few tax strategies and tips along the way.

Latest issue: Spring 2019

The spring issue of Taxonomics highlights companies who are inspiring their teams to share in their purpose and success. Read the stories of Ralph Basile of Healthmark Industries, Steve Trapp of Venture Plastics and Sam Pines of Good Karma Brands. Special departments offer a Q&A on the new IRS audit rules for partnerships, an inside look at the Qualified Opportunity Zone program and a glimpse into how Cohen & Company is integrating technology throughout the firm.
Taxonomics Spring 2019 (pdf)

Previous Issues:

Fall 2018: The fall issue of Taxonomics features companies who have gained valuable perspective and used it to achieve success. Read about Jonathan Lee of Signature Health, Joe Swiatkowski of Hickory Harvest Foods, Ray Formosa of Brooks Lumber and Jon Halpern of Pineapple Payments. Special departments focus on individuals, including a Q&A on how they can find hidden tax gems within the TCJA and an inside look at the impact of the new Section 199A deduction on owners of pass-through entities. The issue also highlights the firm’s robust campus recruitment program.
Taxonomics Fall 2018 (pdf)

Spring 2018: The spring issue of Taxonomics features companies who innovate, persevere and rightly acknowledge their past while focusing on the future. Read the stories of Vic, Rob and Kevin DiGeronimo of DiGeronimo Companies; Matthew Friedman of Bear Diversified; Tom Hebel of Bonal Technologies; and Steve Brecher and Janine Schoos of North American Breweries. Special departments include a Q&A on understanding cryptocurrencies, an inside view of the impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and a look at Cohen & Company’s wellness initiative.
Taxonomics Spring 2018 (pdf)

Fall 2017: A tribute to Cohen & Company’s 40th anniversary, highlights just a few of the many long-time clients who have driven our success: Stan and Eric Schneider of Schneiders, Will Knecht of Wendell August Forge, and career philanthropist Hank Doll. This special issue also tells our own story through the eyes of Cohen & Company Founder Ron Cohen. Special departments include a Q&A on secrets to a successful business exit, an inside view of tax preparation through the decades, and a glimpse into why Cohen & Company employees have come and why they’ve stayed.
Taxonomics Fall 2017 (pdf)

Spring 2017: Features Mike Keresman, Tim Sherwin and Chandra Balasubramanian of CardinalCommerce; Eric Frank of Acrobatiq; Mike Trebilcock and the team at MCPc; and Tom Shea, Bob Powers and Craig Colby of OneStream. Special departments include a Q&A on investing in a tech start-up, an inside view of the new partnership IRS audit rules, and a look at Cohen & Company's methods of mastering the tax laws.
Taxonomics Spring 2017 (pdf)

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