Taxonomics is a full-color magazine produced for, and in conjunction with, our private company clients. The unique and engaging publication provides readers with real-world stories of how business owners and entrepreneurs have dealt with both challenges and success — to which others can truly relate. You’ll also note a few tax strategies and tips along the way.

Latest issue: FALL 2017

The fall issue of Taxonomics is a tribute to Cohen & Company’s 40th anniversary, highlighting just a few of the many long-time clients who have driven our success. Read the stories of Stan and Eric Schneider of Schneiders, Will Knecht of Wendell August Forge, and career philanthropist Hank Doll. This special issue also tells our own story through the eyes of Cohen & Company Founder Ron Cohen. Special departments include a Q&A on secrets to a successful business exit, an inside view of tax preparation through the decades, and a glimpse into why Cohen & Company employees have come and why they’ve stayed.

Taxonomics Fall 2017 (pdf)


Previous issues:

Spring 2017: Features Mike Keresman, Tim Sherwin and Chandra Balasubramanian of CardinalCommerce; Eric Frank of Acrobatiq; Mike Trebilcock and the team at MCPc; and Tom Shea, Bob Powers and Craig Colby of OneStream. Special departments include a Q&A on investing in a tech start-up, an inside view of the new partnership IRS audit rules, and a look at Cohen & Company's methods of mastering the tax laws.
Taxonomics Spring 2017 (pdf)

Fall 2016: Features the Zapis family and Zapis Capital Group; Matt Halavin of Thogus Products Company; Dr. George Picha of Applied Medical Technology; and Jan and Sassa Akervall of Akervall Technologies. Special departments include a Q&A on the estate tax planning landscape, a look at the significant changes to the R&D credit, and a look at the many resources Cohen & Company has to offer.
Taxonomics Fall 2016 (pdf)

Spring 2016: Features the Blaushild family of Famous Supply; John Wepler and Valerie DeMell of MarshBerry; Alan, Stephen and Andrew Hayman of Hayman Company; and Glenn Gable of Freeway Lanes Bowling Group. Special departments include a Q&A on the reality of tax reform, a discussion on private foundations versus donor-advised funds, and a look at Cohen & Company’s play-hard philosophy.
Taxonomics Spring 2016 (pdf)

Fall 2015: Features Joe Kanfer and Marcella Kanfer Rolnick of GOJO Industries, Keith Willy of Twain Financial Partners and Brad Maloof of Amware Distribution. Special departments include a Q&A on financial planning before selling a business; tips on tax considerations when investing in hedge funds; and an inside look at life after the sale.
Taxonomics Fall 2015 (pdf)

Spring 2015: Features Stuart Kline, Andy Kline and Yoel Mayerfeld of Chase Properties; Pete and Mike Mitchell of Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream; Al Romanini of Willoughby Supply; and Doug and Sue Anderson of Anderson Coach & Travel. Special departments include a Q&A on how taxes impact a transaction, tips on pre-transaction estate planning and the use of GRATs.
Taxonomics Spring 2015 (pdf)

Taxonomics Fall 2014 (pdf)
Taxonomics Spring 2014 (pdf)
Taxonomics Fall 2013 (pdf)
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