Chief Insights: Tax Reform Edition

This podcast is designed to help C-level executives, board members and other top decision makers better understand tax reform. In this series, seasoned tax professionals offer a high-level, practical view of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’s potential impact and opportunities. Listen and share!

Randy Myeroff

Episode 1: A 360 Degree Look at Tax Reform

Cohen & Company CEO Randy Myeroff and Partner-in-Charge of the Tax Department, Mike McGivney, share their inside perspectives on how we got here and what might be next on the reform front — including the status of technical corrections aimed at clarifying where the law and Congressional intentions don’t necessarily line up.

Alane Boffa

Episode 2: Planning for Your Personal Taxes

Alane Boffa, co-leader of Cohen & Company’s Family Wealth Practice, and Tax Manager Angel Rice share why reform’s effect on individual taxes is about more than just lost deductions and lower tax rates.

Chris Madison

Episode 3: The Entity Structure Debate (S vs. C)

Seasoned veterans and tax partners Mike Kolk and Chris Madison discuss the pros and cons of becoming a C Corporation in light of its new low tax rate — and offer up how some taxpayers could potentially blend the best of both worlds.

Mike Kolk

Episode 4: How Business Owners May Benefit from the New Section 199A Deduction

Tax partners and gurus Mike Kolk and Chris Madison are back to tackle Section 199A. Particularly, they expand on how the 20% deduction on qualified business income from pass-through entities may impact business owners on their personal returns and provide another major consideration in the entity structure debate.

Tracy Monroe

Episode 5: Understanding the Limitation on Business Interest Deductions

Tax partners and advisors Tracy Monroe and Kim Palmer sit down to discuss how and when the new limit on deducting business interest will have the most impact — including a special sidebar cautioning real estate and investment funds about the unexpected definition of a tax shelter and its impact on this rule.

Rob Velotta

Episode 6: The Impact of the Carried Interests Rule

Investment industry Tax Partner Rob Velotta and Tax Manager Andreana Shengelya discuss the new tax rules related to  “carried interests” — or profits not based on contributed capital  — and  point out why hedge fund managers will feel the biggest impact.

Ray Polantz

Episode 7: Foreign Activities? Don't forget FDII and GILTI

Ray Polantz, head of Cohen & Company’s International Practice, and Tax Partner Maura Corrigan discuss why these two international provisions are game changers for U.S. multi-national taxpayers and the 180-degree turnaround to how foreign earnings are taxed.


Episode 8: What Do the New Proposed Regulations for Section 199A Really Mean?

Tax partners Mike Kolk and Chris Madison discuss the proposed regulations aimed at clarifying how to take advantage of Section 199A’s deduction on qualified business income from pass-through entities, including what is a specified service, trade or business, and how aggregation could work.

Jon Williamson

Episode 9: Bonus Depreciation and Section 179: What's Changed?

Mike McGivney, Partner-in-Charge of Cohen & Company's Tax Department, and tax manager Jonathan Williamson offer insights on the changes to bonus depreciation and Section 179 expensing, and the potential interplay with other areas of the tax code.

Adam Hill

Episode 10: Qualified Opportunity Zones: How to Use Them Now

Learn about one of the most exciting opportunities afforded by the TCJA: the Qualified Opportunity Zone program. Adam Hill, partner-in-charge of the Real Estate & Construction Group; Rob Velotta, tax partner; and Angel Rice, tax manager, shed light on who can use the program and how, from investors to fund managers, to maximize this investment opportunity.


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