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Chief Insights is designed to help C-level executives, board members and other top decision makers drive successful, dynamic companies. In this series, entrepreneurial-minded CPAs, consultants and specialists offer their expertise and stories from the field regarding business best practices and opportunities. Listen and share!

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Episode #7: Why You Should Have Your Business Valued — Even When You Don’t Have to

Released April 18, 2019
Hosted by Aaron Caya & Josh Lefcowitz

Josh Lefcowitz and Aaron Caya, partners in the firm’s Business Valuation Group, discuss the benefits of proactively valuing your business. Learn about the compelling information this type of valuation can produce and how it could lead to improved profits, minimized risks and a stronger plan for the future.

Episode #6: Challenges to Consider When Investing in Digital Assets

Released March 19, 2019
Hosted by Corey McLaughlin & Will Coleman

Are you investing in digital assets? Corey McLaughlin, co-president of the Investment Industry Services Division, and Will Coleman, director of technology services, walk investors through the key considerations when it comes to the custody of digital assets. In addition, learn about the related accounting and tax concerns associated with this unique type of investing.

Episode #5: The Real Impact of the New Lease Standard

Released February 19, 2019
Hosted by Marie Brilmyer & Phil Ryan

Marie Brilmyer and Phil Ryan, partners in the firm’s A&A Department, dig into the new lease standard for financial reporting to reveal how it may impact important financial metrics, such as working capital and EBITDA, and ultimately how that could impact your business.

Episode #4: Making ‘Big Data’ Mean Something

Released January 15, 2019
Hosted by Jim Boland & John Cavalier & Holly James

Jim Boland, Holly James and John Cavalier, leaders in the firm’s Management Consulting Group, help businesses understand how to get value from one of their most important assets — their data — and where to start. Learn how companies of all sizes can deliver the right information, to the right people, to make better-informed decisions.

Episode #3: Why RICs Should Consider Using Tax Equalization

Released December 13, 2018
Hosted by Ravi Singh & Jay Laurila

Ravi Singh and Jay Laurila, members of Cohen & Company’s tax team dedicated to the investment industry, pull back the curtain on tax equalization — a less commonly used but highly beneficial tax strategy. They discuss how this technique can offer big benefits and why today’s market conditions are causing funds to take another look.

Episode #2: Wayfair Creates a New Normal for State Sales Tax

Released November 27, 2018
Hosted by Sara Britt & Olivia Ringler

Sara Britt and Olivia Ringler of Cohen & Company’s Tax Department highlight what every business owner needs to know about the game-changing Wayfair decision — including how the decision alters the sales tax landscape for all multi-state sellers and what you should do now to protect your company from liability.

Episode #1: Welcome to Chief Insights

Released November 16, 2018
Hosted by Randy Myeroff

Cohen & Company CEO Randy Myeroff kicks-off the firm’s Chief Insights podcast series and gives C-level executives, board members and other top decision makers in private companies and the investment industry an overview of what they can expect from this financial and business podcast series.