What Investors Are Saying About Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and New Fund Strategies– January 26, 2018 by Corey McLaughlin

In the dynamic world of alternative investments, some strategies are becoming increasingly stagnant, while new fund strategies are beginning to evolve more quickly than ever before. With this fast-changing pace taking hold, investors and managers alike are left asking, what strategies will continue to create returns and stand the test of time and technology?
In an effort to help answer top-of-mind industry questions such as these, we periodically partner with Opalesque, a publication that provides news services for the alternative investment industry, to provide roundtable discussions with a variety of industry leaders offering their own unique perspectives.
I was honored to participate in the most recent roundtable, which focused on the future of data science and artificial intelligence, the importance of monitoring leverage and money flows, navigating structural and technical problems of new investment trends, and profiting from hedge funds’ core holdings.
Read the full Investor Roundtable transcript for more on what all of the industry insiders had to say.
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