Optimizing Your Company Workforce with Human Capital Management– March 07, 2017 by Jim Boland

There is no doubt that talent management and long-term business success are directly related. Business leaders need to be thinking about ways to get out in front of people-related business challenges. But it’s not just typical transactional HR items that should be top of mind. A recent study of human capital trends identifies culture and employee engagement as two of the top priorities for business leaders. Countless other studies point to correlations between engaged employees and increased productivity. Add in the challenge of managing a multi-generational workforce, and these are the topics companies of all sizes, in any industry, should be addressing. So how can you fit these items into your already packed schedule?
Modern Human Capital Management (HCM) looks at the components of employee engagement holistically and establishes a platform for actionable talent strategies. HCM is the set of practices related to people resource management, from regulatory payroll and benefit compliance to HR administration and talent management. Accordingly, HCM technology solutions take all of these “people processes” from many disparate and cumbersome HR applications and centralize them onto one platform. This creates significant HR-processing efficiency while equipping HR and executives with the information they need to more effectively engage and develop their people. Read our whitepaper that explains HCM in more detail and how it could help your company. 

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