IP PINs from IRS State Wrong Year, But Are Still Required for 2015 Tax Filings– January 13, 2016 by Angel Rice

With fraudulent tax returns on the rise, one of the methods the IRS has employed to assist prior victims of identity theft is to issue them their own identity protection personal identification number (IP PIN). This six-digit taxpayer unique number is required in addition to the taxpayer’s SSN when the taxpayer files his or her return. If it is not present, or is incorrect upon filing, the return will be rejected.

In December 2015, the IRS sent out notices to identify theft victims with the IP PIN they must use to file their 2015 tax returns. These notices (CP 01A notices) are all dated January 4, 2016. The IRS has made it known that these notices mistakenly state that the IP PINs are for the 2014 tax year. Despite the mistake, the IRS has emphasized that taxpayers should still use the IP PINs when filing their 2015 tax returns.

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