How a Career in Accounting Can Lead to New Opportunities– January 21, 2020 by Ron Cohen

Odds are you may have children or grandchildren who are starting or who will soon be starting college. If they are certain as to their desired career path, they will choose their college and major accordingly. However, many do not know what they want to do when entering college, or, their first choice may change at some point before they graduate.

Here is a suggestion: Encourage your children to consider a college that has a good business school and major in accounting. And here’s why. Whatever their choice of career turns out to be in the long run, it never hurts in life (and is sometimes mandatory) to understand balance sheets and other business and accounting documents and concepts — and accounting isn’t something they can learn at seminars.

Beyond college, getting a job with a CPA firm and interacting with numerous business clients also may trigger the right fit, whether that’s ultimately accounting or perhaps a particular industry that piques their interest. Choosing a firm with a diverse client base will offer the ability to work on multiple projects and expose them to many industries and specialties. It will take a few years for them to figure it out, heck, maybe longer than that. But in the meantime they will have a solid base that can take them in many different directions. And who knows, they may very well turn out want to be an accountant!

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