Entrepreneur’s Story: MCPc– September 13, 2017 by Randy Myeroff

In this installment of Entrepreneur’s Story, highlighting the journey of successful private companies and their leaders, we learn about Michael Trebilcock and MCPc based in Cleveland, Ohio. Michael believed so strongly in his vision for MCPc that it has now grown to include three industry-leading, national technology logistic centers that help companies manage and protect their critical devices and data. Below is an excerpt from “A Tale of Life Cycle Management: From Start to Finish, MCPc is Leading the Way in Business Data Innovation and Security” from the spring issue of Taxonomics.


Like many technology companies, MCPc sprung from one entrepreneur’s vision, in this case Chairman and Founder Michael Trebilcock, and took a few turns before finding the ideal focus.
Beginning his career in the mid-1980s as an entry-level account manager with Cleveland-based DREHER Business Products Corporation, Trebilcock always stayed true to his belief that technology was critical to business. After successfully creating DREHER’s Advanced Technology Group and watching revenues grow 600%, in 2002 Trebilcock gathered an entrepreneurial group of like-minded employees to purchase the technology group and launch MCPc.
One of MCPc’s early successes, not surprisingly, came in the form of cultivating a large technology integration business, including network computing devices, servers, data storage, and associated maintenance and supplies.
“This part of our business thrived from 2005 through 2015 to become one of the top 100 technology integration companies in the U.S.,” says Trebilcock, “and that’s when we decided to sell it, making a conscious decision to focus on end-user computing devices moving forward.” 

Read the full story in Taxonomics to learn more on how MCPc went from one entrepreneur’s single vision to three industry-leading national technology logistic centers.
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