Entrepreneur’s Story: Healthmark Industries– June 05, 2019 by Randy Myeroff

In this installment of Entrepreneur’s Story, highlighting the journey of successful private companies and their leaders, we focus on Ralph J. Basile of Healthmark Industries based in in Fraser, Michigan. As steward of the family business, Ralph is committed to helping the company not only face the rapidly changing healthcare market, but leverage it to continually identify new opportunities and advance the growing business.
Below is an excerpt from his story featured in the spring 2019 issue of Taxonomics.

For 50 years Healthmark Industries has been serving hospitals and healthcare facilities responsible for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing surgical instruments. “There have been big-time innovations in medical devices that have meant improved care for patients, but devices today are much more difficult to clean, disinfect and sterilize,” says Ralph J. Basile, vice president of marketing and regulatory affairs.

Devices today are smaller and include more components, making them more challenging to clean — especially with traditional methods. “That has created opportunities for us because we have developed and introduced market tools that help make sure these devices are clean and ready to use,” Ralph says.
Read the full story in Taxonomics to learn more about how Ralph Basile is continuing his family’s legacy in the healthcare space and meetings its challenges head on.
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