Entrepreneur’s Story: Acrobatiq– July 26, 2017 by Randy Myeroff

In this installment of Entrepreneur’s Story, highlighting the journey of successful private companies and their leaders, we focus on Eric Frank’s passion to increase access to quality education. That passion is what took Pittsburgh-based Acrobatiq on an impressive quest to improve education for all economic classes by combining technology with innovative research from Carnegie Mellon. Below is an excerpt from “Next-Generation Learning: A Look at How Acrobatiq Turned the Science of Learning into an Educational Inspiration” from the spring issue of Taxonomics.

In 2013, Eric Frank and his team of learning engineers, cognitive and data scientists, software engineers and entrepreneurs began what was to become a next-generation, higher-education learning platform focused on personalized learning that — just a decade ago — may have seemed more like science fiction.
The story of Acrobatiq’s success began to take shape in 2001 when Carnegie Mellon University began the Open Learning Initiative. Researchers at the prestigious institution set out to determine what a scientific approach to learning would look like if it were built into a software platform.
“By 2013, the research questions had been answered,” Frank offers. “We understood that we could improve educational outcomes with Carnegie Mellon’s approach to learning, which focuses on personalized learning solutions to help students perform better. That was the trigger for Acrobatiq. We launched in 2013 as an LLC, retaining two of the principal researchers as our chief learning scientist and chief statistician. The university’s investment in us through the Carnegie Innovations investment group was seed money, but we knew we’d need to get the company properly venture-backed rather quickly. So that’s what we did.”
Read the full story in Taxonomics to learn more about how Acrobatiq garnered fundraising and used an innovative approach to create a top-tier scalable educational platform.
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