Entrepreneur’s Story: Venture Plastics – August 01, 2019 by Randy Myeroff

In this installment of Entrepreneur’s Story, highlighting the journey of successful private companies and their leaders, we focus on Steve Trapp and Venture Plastics based in Newton Falls, Ohio. An avid believer in creating positive, long-term relationships, Steve focuses on strong company culture and ongoing employee opportunity to fuel growth.
Below is an excerpt from his story featured in the spring 2019 issue of Taxonomics.
If you can’t find talent, grow it. If you have committed people on board, give them opportunities to learn and climb the ladder. These are basic principles Venture Plastics values as it manages a workforce transition where a “help wanted” ad for a tool-and-die operator doesn’t necessarily draw in candidates like it once did.
“We provide opportunities for personal development, and education is supported,” Trapp says, relating that on-floor learning and career-development curriculum is offered to anyone who wants it.
Education and expertise is a competitive advantage for Venture Plastics. “We are an engineering-driven company,” Trapp says. “We bring plastic engineering solutions to our customers, and we have strong technical prowess inside our facilities to bring them some of the best automation and tool building.”
Trapp continues, “I’m always proud of how our engineering group is perceived when we sit down with our customers’ engineers, quality team or production staff. It’s a big part of why our customers respect and like doing business with us. We bring the technical expertise, and that’s so important in the business we are in.”
Read the full story in Taxonomics to learn more about how Steve Trapp is leading this 50-year-old company and creating a “best workplace” in the process.
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