Cohen & Company Announces 2019 Promotions– February 01, 2019

Partner Promotions

John Cavalier, MBA | Management Consulting

John’s ability to simplify complex issues and forge true relationships with clients is key to delivering successful consulting engagements. With prior experience working at a global consulting firm, he also brings a unique perspective that helps lead clients through large-scale transformations.      

Jeff Haneline, CPA | Audit

Jeff uses his unique background to give clients more than they are often expecting. Having spent several years in a fund administration role, Jeff has insight into the nuances and intra-workings of a large administrator. Seeing the issues from both sides of the fence is an invaluable quality to bring to the client relationship.


Gonano David

Lisa Metzinger, CPA, MBA | A&A

Lisa’s honesty and straightforward personality lets her clients know she truly cares about them and their success. She is always accessible and ready to roll-up her sleeves to help out in any way she can.


Lowry JulieBeth Reho, CPA | A&A

Beth is focused on providing well-thought out, technical accounting and auditing expertise to clients in user-friendly terms. Her personable style and approachable nature help clients feel immediately at ease when tackling complex subjects that are important to their business.

Lowry Julie

Donna Weaver,CPA, MT | Tax

As a small business owner herself, Donna understands the angst and decision processes owners of closely held businesses go through. Donna builds instant rapport, owner-to-owner, allowing her to help clients through their challenges.

Director Promotions

Private Company Services
Sean Abrams (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Russell Burgett (Accounting & Auditing, Akron)     
Sean Detwiler (Management Consulting, Cleveland)
Adam Schultz (Accounting & Auditing, Detroit)
Trinette Simon (Accounting & Auditing, Youngstown)        
Joshua Swander (Accounting & Auditing, Akron)
Investment Industry Services
Joseph Brown (Tax, Hunt Valley)
David Gonano (Tax, Hunt Valley)
Julie Lowry (Audit, Cleveland)     
Michael Maimone (Audit, Cleveland)        
Cynthia Pedersen (Tax, Hunt Valley)
Lindsay Selick (Audit, Cleveland) 
John Wells (Audit, Hunt Valley)   
Corporate Shared Services
Tracy Campbell (Administrative, Akron)

Senior Manager Promotions

Private Company Services
Brett Hackman (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Angeline Rice (Tax, Cleveland)
Jenna Santisi (Accounting & Auditing, Youngstown)
Robert Towne (Tax, Akron)
Jonathan Williamson (Tax, Akron)
Investment Industry Services
Alexander Hocking (Valuation Services, Cleveland)           
Christopher Alfuente (Tax, Hunt Valley)   
Nicole Clabaugh (Family Office Services, Hunt Valley)
Jason Friedman  (Tax, Hunt Valley)           
Kenneth Fu (Tax, New York)
Jamie Gasiorowski (Audit, Hunt Valley)
John Graham (Audit, Cleveland)  
Gordon Jones (Tax, Cleveland)    
Christian Randall (Audit, Hunt Valley)
James Rosing (Tax, Milwaukee)
Andreana Shengelya (Tax, Cleveland)
Jacob Vogel (Audit, Cleveland)    
Susanne Wolfe (Tax, Hunt Valley)

Manager Promotions

Private Company Services
David Cahill (Management Consulting, Cleveland)
David Charles (Tax, Cleveland)
Debra Elfers (Tax, Cleveland)
Jessica Foster (Accounting & Auditing, Youngstown)
Craig Frankford (Tax, Cleveland)
Sean Kilcher (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Jeffrey McMichael (Tax, Detroit)
Olivia Ringler (Tax, Akron)
Rachel Roan (Tax, Akron)
Laura Sefcik (Tax, Youngstown)
Aaron Sulzer (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Investment Industry Services
Frank Barrie (Audit, Milwaukee)
Brian Bourke (Tax, Cleveland)
Mark Danese (Audit, Cleveland)
Matthew Green (Audit, Chicago)
Teresa Harrat (Tax, Milwaukee)
Russell Hayman (Tax, Hunt Valley)
Ryan McKenna (Tax, Cleveland)
Chad Shields (Tax, Hunt Valley)
Corporate Shared Services
Paul Abke (Information Technology, St. Clair Shores)
Melissa Wix (Administrative, Youngstown)

Senior Promotions

Private Company Services
Kerri Bartlebaugh (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Leah Finnerty (Tax, Youngstown)
Stephen Fleischer (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Derek Godwin (Tax, Pittsburgh)
Nathan Greenfelder (Tax, St. Clair Shores)
Trevor Hale (Accounting & Auditing, Detroit)
Ryan Hochberg (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Brendan Holland (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Marissa Holman (Tax, Akron)
Alice Hottensmith (Tax, Cleveland)
Claire LoPresti (Tax, Pittsburgh)
John Marcavage (Accounting & Auditing, Pittsburgh)
Alexander McGrew (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Nicholas Moyer (Tax, Akron)
David Nowak (Tax, Cleveland)
Christopher Pokorny (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Sara Poppovich (Tax, Akron)
Maria Revello (Accounting & Auditing, Cleveland)
Vipavee Tamprateep (Tax, Cleveland)
Raymond To (Tax, Cleveland)
Kayla Welty (Accounting & Auditing, Pittsburgh)
Adam Zimmerman (Tax, Cleveland)

Investment Industry Services
Jim Augustine (Tax, Youngstown)
Anthony DiTosto (Tax, Youngstown)
Nicholas Dunbar (Audit, Hunt Valley)
Anthony Ferraro (Tax, Youngstown)
Jennifer Grove (Audit, Cleveland)
Kevin Malloy (Audit, Cleveland)
Brandon Voelker (Audit, Hunt Valley)
Michael Womack (Audit, Cleveland)
Michelle Zdelar (Tax, Youngstown)

Corporate Shared Services Level 2
Eric Gehlbach (Application Systems Technician, Cleveland)
Sean Rogers (End User Technologies Analyst, Hunt Valley)

Corporate Shared Services Level 3
Timothy Hutchinson (Senior Software Developer, Cleveland)
April Shifflett (Senior HR Generalist, Hunt Valley)