Cohen Attends TIAG® International Conference– November 06, 2014

My colleague Ray Polantz, head of our International Tax Group, and I were fortunate to attend The International Accounting Group®’s (TIAG®) 23rd international conference recently. Held in Hong Kong, it was our first TIAG® conference since the firm joined the alliance earlier this year. And I think I can speak for both Ray and myself when I say it was an exceptional trip.

Attending this conference was important to us and to our clients for many reasons. It was important for our team to have the opportunity to build relationships, face-to-face, with TIAG®’s tremendous collection of accounting practitioners and legal counsel from around the world — the same professionals we turn to when our clients want to expand overseas or need to understand the nuances of a tax code in a foreign jurisdiction. Attending this conference also provided knowledge-sharing opportunities, allowed us to discuss best practices in firm management and provided us with valuable international business perspectives.

On a personal note, attending the conference gave me an incredible opportunity to explore the culture of Hong Kong. My favorites included excursions such as taking the tram to one of the highest points on Hong Kong Island, touring Kowloon and spending time at the Hong Kong Golf Club, courtesy of a Hong Kong contact from Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) — another international organization that our firm is very involved with here in Ohio.

In addition to all the great information, new contacts and memories we gained while in Hong Kong, we left with the lesson that accounting firms and their clients around the world, regardless of language or cultural differences, face similar challenges and opportunities each and every day.

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