5 Webinars That Will Help You Account for the PPP Loan, Find Liquidity, Maximize Tax Credits and More– August 12, 2020 by Marie Brilmyer

We were excited to offer Cohen & Company’s 2020 Virtual Summer CPE Series over the past several weeks. As we all know by now, it is even more important than ever to stay connected in these challenging times. We were grateful to have so many of our clients and friends attend — whether from their “real” office or their kitchen table. And we were certainly happy to help them better understand some of the complex information they must sort through to make choices and find opportunities for their businesses in our new world.

Our speakers offered an in-depth look at a plethora of timely topics, such as accounting for the PPP loan, finding liquidity, maximizing tax credits, and understanding the state and local tax landscape. While we look forward to seeing you, whether in person or virtually, soon, in the meantime below are links to each webinar and related resources in case you missed one.

A&A Update

Tina Dzik and Steve Guarini provided a general assurance update, focusing on best practices and accounting for transactions that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics included accounting for PPP loans, accounting for termination benefits, and preventing internal controls and fraud.

>>  Watch the webinar or Download a copy of the presentation

Managing the Next Wave: Preparing and Planning in an Uncertain Environment

John Cavalier presented an overview of ideas and tools for leading your organization through the global health and economic crisis, including liquidity and business risks, automation and controls, and cost containment measures.

>> Watch the webinar or Download a copy of the presentation

Market Update from Sequoia Financial Group

Leon LaBrecque and Matt Pullar of Sequoia Financial Group provided a general market update and the possible shapes of recovery, including the historical precedent of the massive stimulus and what happens to taxes, interest rates, the dollar and supply chains.

>> Watch the webinar or Download a copy of the presentation

CARES Act Update and Planning Recommendations for Maximizing Tax Credits

The Cohen & Company panel of Tony Bakale, Andreana Shengelya, Robert Venables, Rob Velotta and Jonathan Williamson focused on tax planning best practices for uncovering immediate cash flow in 2020. Their discussion covered the new rules surrounding Qualified Improvement Property, employer payroll tax credit, net operating losses (NOLs) and the deferred payroll tax payment.

>> Watch the webinar or Download a copy of the presentation

COVID-19 and Its Impact on State and Local Taxes (SALT)

Hannah Prengler and Sara Britt presented an overview of how COVID-19 is impacting state and local taxation, including conformity to the CARES Act and nexus and tax legislation.

>> Watch the webinar or Download a copy of the presentation

Please reach out to any of our speakers or your service team to talk about these or other issues further. We look forward to bringing you more educational opportunities in the near future!

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