4 Webinars That Will Help You Prepare for Year-End– December 03, 2020 by Marie Brilmyer

We’re so grateful for the opportunity to bring our fall CPE series to clients and friends over the past several weeks. We focused our time together on year-end planning strategies — what to do in a variety of scenarios to maximize opportunities to come out stronger as we start 2021.

Particularly, the series focused on planning for taxpayers, business valuations and wealth transfer, accounting and audit concerns, and PPP loan forgiveness issues and rules. Below are links to each webinar and related resources.

2020 Year-End Tax Planning Update

Whether this year caused a reduction in net income for your business and/or personal finances or you were able to weather the storm, Jenny Tapia, Alane Boffa and Jon Williamson covered the many tax planning items to consider before 2020 comes to a close.

>> Watch the webinar or download a copy of the presentation

Year-End Business Valuation and Wealth Transfer Considerations

Phil Ryan, Scott Swain and Josh Lefcowitz joined Leon LaBrecque of Sequoia Financial Group to discuss real world strategies to proactively manage the transfer of wealth and succession planning in the current financial landscape.

>> Watch the webinar or download a copy of the presentation

2020 A&A Year-End Update

Tina Dzik and Steve Guarini provided an update on COVID-19 accounting and auditing considerations, including PPP loan accounting. These topics are front and center as we enter into the end of 2020, and it is important to consider all of the implications that could impact your company and its financial statements.

>> Watch the webinar or download a copy of the presentation

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application; Now, What Are Those Rules Again?

Our panel of experts, including Adam Hill, Jeff Kovacs, Mike Lorenz and Dave Sobochan discussed the PPP loan application process and what recipients need to know for year-end planning.

>> Watch the webinar or download a copy of the presentation

Reach out to any of our speakers or your service team to discuss these issues and how they may impact your year-end planning. Look forward to bringing you more insights in 2021!

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