2 Ways the SECURE Act Will Impact Your Retirement Accounts– January 28, 2020 by Scott Swain

More than 85 million Americans have IRAs — and the SECURE Act stands to affect all of those plans and more. Scott Swain of Cohen & Company and Leon LaBrecque of Sequoia Financial Group give real-world examples of the impact of the new Required Minimum Distribution age as well as the elimination of the stretch provision, which significantly increases the tax burden on individuals inheriting IRAs. Learn what proactive steps may be necessary to align your retirement goals.

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For additional information regarding the SECURE Act and a comprehensive guide on the stretch IRA rules visit www.goodiraideas.com. Or read our blog, “7 Key Tenets of the SECURE Act — Including the Elimination of the Stretch IRA.”

Contact Scott Swain at sswain@cohencpa.com or a member of your service team to discuss this topic further.

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